Our Mission Statement.

"Ecoline delivers unique environmentally safe maintenance solutions with people’s well-being in mind that can provide unmatched results and ultimate satisfaction for their users."


Ecoline Industrial Supply, Inc. was incorporated in 2003. We are a small business and 100% woman owned and operated. Our original business was selling specialized chemical products in Southern California region utilizing solely our outside sales force.

Ecoline Industrial Supply

At the beginning of 2009, we redeveloped our Roadmap to Success to formalize our vision and mission for the future and create our strategy to get there. We introduced our e-commerce site and directed our focus towards creating our presence nationally and using new technologies to improve our daily operations. We lowered our prices, introduced zero shipping policy and various discount programs to create more value for our clients.

Our on-line store is to provide a convenient and affordable shopping experience for our existing and future customers. We are dedicated to making our ordering process as easy and efficient as possible, minimizing the possibilities of errors. In the past six years, we have realized that providing value does not only mean selling great products, it is the knowledge behind our products that creates the value system we are proud to offer to our customers. That is what separates us greatly from our competition.

Since the beginning, our goal was to develop an environmentally safe line of products that would bring value to our clients and the environment around us. Ecoline prides itself in complying with all government regulations put in place in regards to toxic ingredients.

Periodically, we voluntarily verify information on any possibly toxic ingredients used in formulating chemical products. We always furnish our customers with Material Safety Data Sheets that are included with every shipment. Our Material Safety Data Sheets are held in Chemtel database and are available to our clients at any time. Ecoline and its employees understand the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.

We use e-filing system whenever possible to eliminate paper waste; we recycle and reuse our old paper; we use energy efficient lighting and equipment throughout our facility; we continue to eliminate any products from our line that may present danger to our environment; we use on-line ordering system to limit the number of our face to face sales calls, which ultimately leads to the decrease in the usage of gasoline and carbon dioxide emission into our atmosphere. This is our ongoing contribution to the reduction of pollution and global warming.

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