Ultra Bac - Our #1 Bacteria/Enzyme - 5 gal makes 55 gal of RTU product!

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Ultra Bac

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  • Ultra Bac Drain Odor Remover


Ultra Bac is our #1 selling product containing enzyme-producing bacteria for odor control and drain maintenance!

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When you buy Ultra Bac, it's as if you were buying raw materials to create your own ready to use product. The versatility of this product goes beyond anybody’s expectations. You can use it for drain and sewer maintenance, septic tanks, holding tanks, porta toilets, odors and waste in trash cans, odor control for floors and carpets, cleaning floors in kitchen and bathrooms, and much more!

Ultra Bac is our proprietary blend of enzyme producing bacteria that features an exclusive fragrance. This unique product is designed to be easily blended into a highly concentrated suspension of bacterial spores; it contains 800,000,000.00 bacteria per mililiter! It can be also added straight into the sewer system or mop bucket, soon as the water is present. No special equipment, complicated multi-ingredient additions or extensive mixing times required. The diluted product provides an attractive alternative to costly deodorants and ineffective odor-masking agents. These special bacterial cultures do more than just cover odors – they eliminate the source of the odor. Natural enzyme-producing bacteria consume organic waste to eliminate malodors. They consume organic matter on most kitchen and bathroom surfaces. Incredibly effective against clogged drains or waste generated in sewer tanks, septic tanks or holding tanks! Using this product on regular basis will promote free flowing drains and sewer/septic/holding tanks free of unwanted waste that causes foul odors.

Why buy Ultra Bac?

1. When you buy a 4-gallon case or a 5 gallon pail, you get 44 or 55 gallons of ready to use product respectively!

2. The cost per gallon of the finished Ultra Bac is 4-6 times cheaper than any ready to use product!

3. The ready to use Ultra Bac is also a lot stronger than any other enzyme-producing bacteria product on the market!

4. Ultra Bac contains both anaerobic (can live in airless environments) and facultative (can live with or without oxygen) bacteria.

5. In addition to the great performance of our Ultra Bac, you eliminate the need for extra storage space.

Additional Information

Applications Use in: hospitals, restaurants, schools, nursing homes, apartments, kennels, industries, prisons, rugs, carpets, upholstery, kitchen sink, bathroom sinks, mop sinks, laundry sinks, floor drains, dishwasher, urinals, toilets, garbage disposals, bar sinks drains, grease traps, floors, walls, vinyl, porcelain, concrete, metal, painted surfaces.

Effective against: sewer waste, surface odors, grease and oils, food, urine and feces, organic spills, vomit.


Dilute 1 gallons of Ultra Bac with 10 gallons of water to produce 11 gallons of Ultra Bac Ready to Use product. The finished product will possess a bacterial content of 80,000,000 colonies per milliliter minimum. Blend well and package immediately. Use this dilution as follows:

Surface odors: Dilute 1:1 with tap water and spray or mist area to wet surface. Allow product to work to eliminate odors.

Carpets and upholstery: Dilute 1:1 with tap water and wet fibers. Brush into material. Lay damp cloth over area and keep moist for 24 hours.

Plumbing: Pour 2-8 ounces down drain weekly at the end of the day to maintain free flowing drains.

Grease traps: Treat at night or when traps are use least. Pour 8 ounces of diluted product per 160 gallon grease trap capacity directly in the trap or in the pipeline closer to trap.

Septic tanks: Initial treatment: Use 1 pint per 200 gallon capacity poured directly in toilet and flushed. Thereafter, use 8 ounces per week.

Note: This product is not intended to dissolve plastic, paper, rags, or other non-organic material. Do not subject to temperature extremes. Keep out of direct sunlight exposure.

Ingredients Water (7732-18-5), Bacillus genus (Proprietary Blend), Fragrance (Proprietary).
NFPA Ratings Health: 0; Flammability: 0; Reactivity: 0.
Packaging Liquid
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